Companies invest in high-end security measures to keep their system secured. No matter what kind of safety protocol you implement, some people can’t help but live up to the challenge of overcoming the state of the art security systems. It can happen, but the question is what we should do if there is any instance of network security breach? Let me give you some tips that you can do if you are faced with a data breach threat in your company.

1. Take notes


If you are in a situation where a data breach is happening, it is best if you will not panic and type all sorts of things in the computer trying to check the culprit. The first thing that you need to do is get a pen and a paper and start jotting down notes in regards to anything you’ve noticed and the things you’ve done in the computer.

2. Alert the upper management


You can take down notes and notify the higher management at the same time. You can multi-task. The management needs to know what is happening to be able to create a contingency plan for the next step that they need to make if there will be any leak of confidential information.

3. Call CERT


CERT or Computer Emergency Response Team is the people who have expertise in computer-related emergencies such as data breach. Usually, there is an assigned CERT for big firms to handle such cases. Call them, but you don’t have to create chaos in the entire building. Alerting all the employees can be more damaging than useful. Once the CERT gets there, explain the situation and let them take over.

The best thing to do while CERT is working to fix the problem is to keep your mouth shut. It won’t help if you will be a tattletale to other employees. Be on standby because the CERT will eventually call you for more information if needed.

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