The 3 Usual Issues Asked To A Helpdesk Support

If we are working for some big firms, we’ve probably heard some people say call the helpdesk and ask assistance. It happens all the time. The funny thing is some question thrown at the helpdesk is usually out of their area of expertise. It’s not that they don’t know the answer, but most of the time the questions should be directed to other departments. Helpdesk is there, but they don’t have all the answers most especially those that are answerable with common sense. Let’s check out the most common issues that a helpdesk support get.

1. I can’t log in

I must admit that this is the most common issue sent to the helpdesk. Most of the time, it’s just due to spelling error or worse if the access was placed on hold due to some activities of the employee that can be a risk to the company’s network. Sometimes, employees just get tired and want to rest for a bit so they would intentionally key in the wrong password multiple times. It can result to account lock out and calling helpdesk can buy them some time.

2. My computer is too slow

Of course, it will happen most especially if you have close to twenty tabs open all at the same time. You will be advised to reboot the computer. You’ll notice that it’s running fast again but the next thing you’ll do is open multiple tabs again that can reach a dozen.

3. My printer is not working

This issue is my personal favorite. It always happens because people wasn’t able to check the basics before creating a helpdesk ticket or calling them. I’m not sure if the employee is just too pre-occupied to notice if the printer is on or not before calling the helpdesk. Of course, for the helpdesk support, you have to ask the question in the nicest possible way if the printer is on. I’m pretty sure that it was off if the next thing you’ll hear is an awkward silence or the employee hangs up.

Of course, there are complicated issues received by helpdesk. It’s just that the three topics above appear to be the three most common issues received by helpdesk.