The gates of any design can fail. There are errors in design, construction, and installation; the materials fail, and the automatic control is broken. To determine which elements of the system are out of order, it is better to invite experts for diagnosis. The company “Correct Automation” offers professional repair of the gate. Masters and installers of the company have restored and modernized many objects. Read more about Garage Door Repair Maryland.

Repair of automatic gates: what are the problems

Many barriers, equipped with automation, in our region work more than 15 years. For such a long time, even the most perfect equipment wears out, the parts need replacement. The applications for the repair of garage doors come to us regularly. Often local designs require the balancing of torsion springs. This operation should not be carried out independently: the cocked mechanism is dangerous. Charge the springs to our specialists.

To repair sectional gates for a long time it was not required, look after the traditional design. The axles of rollers, springs, intermediate loops of the sectional liner are subjected to increased wear. All moving and rubbing parts need to be lubricated in time; then your gates will work silently and without sharp jerks.

A common problem: the gate jammed, the canvas does not fall and does not go up anymore. This happens if the torsion spring is stretched, one of the cables breaks. Independently you do not restore the efficiency of the gate - you need to call specialists. Masters of our company will find a malfunction, repair and adjust the mechanism.


In Simferopol, among orders for repair of the gate, rules for the adjustment and cleaning of sliding systems are often met. Common problems of sliding structures: creaking at work, awkward movement of the canvas. The problem is usually associated with the clogging of the rails or the upper guide beam (leaves, sand, dustfall under the moving shade). You should start with the preventive cleaning of the guides, but if the problem persists, you need to check the condition of the beam and support rollers: you may need a replacement.

If the blade does not move at all, the fault may be caused by the failure of photocells, the control unit, the end position switch. Our specialists will find mechanical damage and malfunctions in the automation, adjust the system, replace the worn parts. If the breakdown is significant, it may be necessary to dismantle the gate.


Most rarely among the Simferopol residents, we receive applications for the repair of garage doors with swing doors. These are the most reliable designs with a minimum set of vulnerabilities and details. A typical problem with swing gates is the creak of loops. It is often enough to lubricate them through the process holes. If loosened, sagged or sagged, hinges can be adjusted. However, they are subjected to increased loads and most often completely wear out. Our masters cut old hooks and hang the doors again.

Problems With A Garage Door That Does Not Close

The garage door is probably the largest moving part of your house, so you should keep it on a regular basis so that it works well. But like anything mechanical, it can be broken down, even when you give it maintenance. The most common problems with garage doors involve the doors not opening or closing properly. Finding the causes will help solve these problems.

Problems With The Infrared Sensor

You can look for the obvious when you fix a garage door that does not close. Dirty garage door sensors, also known as infrared or photoelectric sensors, can cause sensors to weaken. Check that there are no obstructions, which is usually the case when the garage door goes down, does not come down completely or goes up immediately. Once the garage door sensor detects that something or someone is in its way, it stops to avoid doing damage. In other cases, the sensors located on each side of the garage do not align with each other, causing the door to go down. Cleaning, alignment or replacement of garage door sensors can help solve these problems.

Problems With The Torsion Spring

The torsion springs are concentrated in a bar above the garage door opening; a garage door has a pair of torsion springs, one on each side of the center of the door. When the torsion spring breaks, the garage door will be uneven and will not close to the end. A broken torsion spring can also cause the garage door to not close or open completely. Replaces the broken torsion spring to solve this problem. When a torsion spring breaks, the other follows, therefore, changes the two each time one break. Be careful when handling or repairing torsion springs. They are very dangerous because they are under stress. People die or have mutilated by tightening and releasing these springs without following safety procedures and using the right tools.


Broken Extension Spring

The other type of spring found in garage doors is the extension spring, which runs along the rails of the upper, right and left the door and extends to do its job. A garage door does not close completely, closes partially and then reverses or does not open when the spring is broken. It is not that difficult or risky to repair the torsion spring. However, it is important to follow some safety precautions, since an extension spring extends with a potentially deadly force due to the weight it is lifting.


Worn Pulleys

An important cause for a garage door to fail is that the pulleys wear out. When the ball bearings break down, they cause the pulley to be scrapped. The rivets fail along with the pulley divisions, which causes the door cable to jam. Replace the worn pulleys to solve the problem.

Bent Roads

A bent track can cause the garage door to not open or close.

A bent track can cause the garage door to not open or close. Straighten, adjust or replace the way to solve this problem.

Garage Door Repair And Maintenance In Los Angeles


A garage door is of the essential home elements that many of us tend to take for granted. That’s probably because just like your floors or lawn, it only requires occasional maintenance.

How to keep your garage door working properly
The first step is performing an inspection annually in order to identify any issues before they show. This is something most DIYers can do, although hiring a professional will give you the peace of mind as you will know nothing was missed. Besides the basic maintenance, it’s best to bring in a professional for the more complicated repairs. Hiring a professional you trust will be generally worth the money, as you can rest assured there is nothing to worry about when the repair is complete.

Garage Doors

Here are a few simple checks to perform in order to prevent the need for garage door repair services in the future.

• Check the tracks for any dents or other forms of damage. Minor blemishes can be pounded out with a rubber hammer. But if there’s a major damage you might need to replace the tracks altogether.

• Clean the tracks and wipe out all the debris. Remove any dust and rust using a big paintbrush, and then to clear it all away using a household cleaner.

• Ensure that the tracks are level and are aligned properly. In case they are not, loosen the mounting bracket and lightly tap on the tracks to plumb them with each other, making sure they slant towards the back of the garage slightly.

• Lubricate the tracks, rollers, and pulleys. For the pulleys and tracks, use powdered graphite or special lubricant sprays for garage doors, and for the rollers use household lubricating oil.

• Check all the bolts, nuts, and fasteners. If you notice anything loose, tighten it properly.

How Much Garage Door Repair Costs
In Los Angeles, the average price of a repairing a garage door is about $252. However, this is just an average, and it includes a number of projects from faulty cables repair to replacing broken panels and fiberglass. Since garage door springs require a professional to repair and are quite dangerous for DIY, the average cost usually climbs closer to $300.

Replacing a garage door opener will cost you an average of $350, though the amount will depend on the complexity and model of your opening system. If you choose to repair it, it will cost you about $220. The average cost of replacing the garage door altogether is around $1,100, depending on the project. Regardless of the problem, most garage door repair companies usually charge at least an hour’s labor, so you should expect to pay at least their minimum price for any kind of repair.

Regular garage door maintenance is therefore very necessary in order to lessen the sum of bigger repairs or replacements you might need in the lifespan of your garage door. In case you face a major issue along the way, be sure to contact a professional garage door repair expert in Los Angeles to ensure the task is done right.

Garage door springs Repair
The only one component of your garage that requires a bit more attention is the torsion spring. It’s a piece that wears over time and has to be replaced regularly. In fact, the most common culprit for garage door issues are the springs.

Nonetheless, the most obvious signs that it’s time to replace your garage door spring is the weight of the door. A faulty spring will make it strenuous to open the garage door especially when lifting it manually. So, if you notice that the garage door is unusually heavy, or that it closes the moment you let go, it’s time to get a new spring.

As a rule of thumb, never attempt to repair or replace the large central garage door spring by yourself. These are high tension springs, and if anything goes wrong, they can cause serious injury. If you do decide to replace them yourself, take great care. It’s a very dangerous project, which should not be undertaken by a DIY beginner.

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